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Boundaries, Rewards, Consequences at River View Christian Academy

Created as a safe, structured environment for struggling students, our 45-acre campus (east of Austin, TX) offers teen girls (ages 12-17) their best opportunity to focus on education, avoid negative distractions and improve their thoughts and behavior for good.

At River View, we help struggling teen girls embrace a healthy outlook on life and teach them how to make good personal choices. Rather than telling them or pressuring them to act a certain way, we show students through loving redirection how to make right choices on their own. This learned skill can help them make better decisions as adults and take ownership of their actions and choices now.

River View Boundaries for Teens:

When a teen enrolls at River View, she receives a list of activities and behaviors that have set boundaries and rules/guidelines, plus the reward, and consequence of each one. This allows the teen to know exactly what the school expects of her and see the designated reward for sticking to the rules. Staff members review the list with each teen and assign appropriate rewards or consequences on a regular basis.

Personal accountability also helps each girl understand and own the consequences of her choices in the areas regarding:

Music, daily schedule, dating, phone use, driving status, list of friends, job status, church attendance, youth group attendance, reading material, computer usage, curfew times, school attendance, being alone with someone, being alone with member of opposite sex, going out of boundary, drug use, bedroom privacy, wake up, television, visitors at the house, clothing standard, haircuts, jewelry, ear piercing, body piercing, makeup, borrowing things.


Where Teen Girls Take the Right Path

For over 25 years, River View Christian Academy has provided strength, healing and structure to teenagers who were previously off track in behavior, or at school. We serve all families, regardless of religion, beliefs, or background, and strive to bring peace back to the entire family.

We can be very helpful for students whose parents desire more support, structure and boundaries than public or private day schools can provide. With a clear mission and vision of keeping teenagers on the right path, or bringing them back to it, our school delivers excellent education and training for their long-term development.

At River View Christian Academy, we believe a “troubled teen” is no more than a regular teen who could use a more positive and structured environment. Although River View is a Christian organization, students and parents are not required or pressured to participate in spiritual activities. Students live on-campus in dorms.

River View Christian Academy,

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Good Choices…Good Life!

River View also helps young girls restore and develop good personal character through biblically based lessons about practicing integrity, self-control, setting boundaries and accepting responsibility. We show them the right path for living a good life.

  • Due to our year-round educational system, students have the opportunity to enroll at any time to get ahead, or catch up in school if they are behind. We provide a high staff-to-student ratio with an individualized curriculum and program for each student.
  • Staff members live on-campus, eat with students, tutor them, and and take part in all the other student activities. This constant interaction allows staff members to build trusting relationships with teens, and encourage a student’s learning and progress at River View.
  • Another unique and important aspect of River View is parental involvement in the child’s education. We provide parent support meetings and training, as well as six months of optional Post Graduate Home Support.
  • River View is not a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or alternative boarding school. However, we have found that a structured and caring environment can make an enormous difference in correcting behavioral issues among teenagers. We help girls who suffer from the trauma of adoption, victimization or significant loss.

    Our research has shown that short-term programs do not provide enough time for teens to break their bad habits and replace them with healthy new ones. At River View, 3 semesters (18 months) is the average length of stay. As students display positive progress, we provide them with more responsibilities as well as privileges in order to challenge and motivate them to continue progressing.

    River View is an excellent alternative to wilderness programs and boot camps, giving a struggling teen a positive, structured environment that allows them to refocus on their education without distraction and helps them to break negative habits they may have previously developed.

Teen Rescue and River View Christian Academy,

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Quality Education…and Life Success

The ultimate goal of River View is to bring students back to their home with the practical life and leadership skills that they need to be successful in their life and education. Our affordable tuition is $3800 per month, with an initial enrollment fee of $5000. Depending on availability, scholarships may be available for parents with a hardship. Students enroll for at least three semesters, and may continue enrollment as needed to complete their educational goals.