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Structured Education

Embracing Structured Education the Way School Used to Be: Structure & Boundaries in Academics at River View Christian Academy.

The academic structured education plan of River View Christian Academy is designed for middle and high school age students who need a more structured, unique, and caring environment in order to obtain a quality education.

Along with students finding freedom from negative distractions and influences, another unique aspect of River View is how we engage parents in their student’s success through parent support meetings and training.

Year-Round Open Enrollment

River View has an open enrollment policy, meaning a student can be enrolled at the school even if they are behind in their education. River View also practices rolling enrollment, allowing students to start school at any point of the year. Also, with the year-round system that the school uses, the young student has the continuous opportunity to experience success in their education.

Plus, we offer classes on: Life Skills, Business Skills, Self-Value, Leadership Training, Anger Management, Budgeting, and Animal Husbandry.

Individualized School Curriculum

River View Christian Academy partners with Ignitia, through Alpha Omega Publications. Each student is evaluated upon arrival to assess where they are placed within the curriculum. River View also offers credit recovery to students who transfer behind where they should be in their grade level. This allows students to test out of portions of their classes to get back on track. Every student has their own computer station where they work on their individualized school program. Students only use the computers for schoolwork, with no internet access outside of schoolwork allowed. Available staff help the students with their work and provide them with individual tutoring.

Credentialed Teachers

River View has credentialed teachers on staff. Students also have access to teachers through Ignitia’s online curriculum. In addition, we also offer access to on-site professional tutoring by teachers as well as access to tutoring from staff.

Fully Accredited

River View is a fully accredited Christian school generally for ages 13 through 17. As of June, 2019 we earned our second accreditation. This accreditation is from the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), an accreditation division of AdvancED, which is now part of Cognia.

River View Christian High School (RVCHS) is the name used on the transcripts and is also “doing business as” (DBA) River View Christian Academy (RVCA).

College Courses & Credits

If a student completes their high school diploma while at River View, they can remain in the school by continuing college level correspondence courses. We also offer dual enrollment to Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, allowing them to take college courses for high school and college credit.

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Structured Education

Online Option for Non-residential Students:

River View Online

Covid-19 has caused many families to rethink their child’s academic experience. At RVCA Online we pride ourselves with having years of experience in delivering an amazing, studentpaced, online academic experience tailored to your student. We also include many aspects of our residential boarding school into RVCA Online, such as optional courses on relationship skills, communication skills, job interview training, time management, and other life skills that are often overlooked or neglected in traditional schools.

Some of the Benefits of RVCA Online:
  • An internationally recognized accredited curriculum with Cognia
  • Student-paced 6-12th grade experience
  • Allows students to get caught up if they are behind
  • Students have the opportunity to get ahead
  • Hands-on academic advisors
  • Weekly student accountability
  • An optional faith-based course of study
  • Dual Enrollment with Northwestern University for qualifying Juniors and Seniors
  • Completely on-line
  • Affordable tuition

River View General Course of Study