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Benefits of Life Skills Learned at Top Boarding School River View

Established in 1993, River View Christian Academy is a fully accredited, private Christian residential boarding school, now based on 45 beautiful acres near Austin, Texas. Our purpose is to provide a safe, structured, and supportive setting for struggling teenage girls, 12-17 years old. River View encourages positive change in girl students who have struggled academically due to negative influences or behavior.

River View is not a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or alternative boarding school. However, we have found that a structured and caring environment can make an enormous difference in correcting behavioral issues among teenagers. We help girls who suffer from the trauma of adoption, victimization or significant loss.

Located in the beautiful hill country of central Texas,  River View students are responsible for garden and animal chores, in addition to school and homework. Of course, there are fun school activities, as well as the amazing national parks in the area.

River View provides year-round schooling with ongoing open enrollment, 24-hour care and supervision, with strong structure, mentoring, and boundaries. We focus on educating our students in all areas of life to prepare them for their future.

Benefits of Learning Life Skills

What kind of educational setting will be the best choice your young teen, especially as you consider the challenges your family faces today? While online, at-home curriculums can be an option, it’s important to think about how young teens develop important life skills, as well as achieve personal academic goals. 

Isolated at home, with little interaction with teachers, mentors or peers, young teens can easily accept a limited learning experience. And dependence on biased social media and news can influence young teens to forsake basic moral values, personal character and purpose in life.

How can parents intervene when so many negative influences distract young teens? How can you teach and support the development of all the real-life skills necessary for your teen’s successful future? You may already have too much on your plate providing for home and family. 

That’s why top boarding schools like River View emphasize the importance of introducing young teens to essential life skills learning opportunities. At our boarding school, young teens learn these lessons not just in class, but also while interacting with other students, and serving the local community.

We strive to encourage excellence in every part of a young teen girl’s education, as well as give them a sense of life purpose and experienced direction. Every day on-campus, in the classroom, at meals and in the dormitories, teens see our staff demonstrate positive character traits, and uphold good moral values. Personal interaction with teachers and staff also helps young teen girls overcome personal obstacles and outlooks that could otherwise spoil their academic and vocational success. 

Another key part of learning at our boarding school is the shared community experience with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Over time, teens realize the importance of personal character over physical appearances. Students from all around the country and the world live together in safe, supervised dorms, and meet others from diverse social backgrounds. And as teens typically clash with differences, over time they learn how to resolve arguments and build positive long-term relationships. Teens can also use these valuable, conflict resolution skills later on in life when dealing with irritable colleagues, co-workers or employers.

Because young teens must also learn personal responsibility for their own health and possessions at boarding school, they quickly learn that choices bring consequences. Whether they learn this while cleaning dorms, dining rooms, or getting hands dirty growing food gardens and maintaining campus grounds, young teens soon realize the impact of their choices. And to encourage peer leadership skills for their personal benefit in the future, they earn rewards for personal freedom and exciting activities.

Because our teachers and staffers model a strong work ethic while living on-campus, young teens also learn the value of keeping to a balanced schedule of study, work and personal interests. And they participate in opportunities to manage budgets, and monitor expenses, as well as learn about future upkeep of vehicles and homes.

Overall, we strive to help every student at our boarding school gain the real life skills they need to function independently, and become a self-supporting adult. 

When you’re looking for a top boarding school experience for your young teen, please consider the benefits offered that lead to finding purpose and success in life.  For more information, explore our complete website, or speak to our admissions officer. We’ll help you know if your young teen girl would be a good fit with our structured, on-campus boarding school program. 

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