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Boarding Schools in Oklahoma

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When you provide care for a teen girl who struggles with bad behavior or failing academics and needs to find boarding schools in Oklahoma, please consider River View Christian Academy, “the way school used to be.”

River View Christian Academy is a fully accredited, private Christian residential boarding school for teen girls, ages. 12-17, who have struggled academically due to negative influences or behavior. When your teen girl needs to focus on improving her academics, personal conduct, and activities, think through how River View Christian Academy helps girls embrace a healthy outlook on life, and learn to make good personal choices.

River View’s on-site team carefully redirects teen girls in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. Our 45-acre ranch campus near Oklahoma offers teens the best chance to avoid negative distractions, and improve their studies, thoughts, and actions.

boarding schools in OklahomaDue to our year-round educational system, girls can enroll at any time, even if they have fallen behind in school. We provide a high staff-to-student ratio with a customized curriculum and organized program for each resident girl. River View Christian Academy partners with Ignitia, through Alpha Omega Publications. Girls can also attend classes on Life Skills, Self-Value, Anger Management, Leadership Training, Business Skills, Budgeting, and Animal Husbandry. Each student uses her own computer station for online schoolwork and tutoring, but no other internet access is allowed. 

Boarding Schools in Oklahoma may not grasp how River View’s program of set boundaries for teen girls, complete with rules, guidelines, rewards, and consequences can transform their behavior over time. Rather than pressuring a girl to act a certain way, River View’s team wisely teaches her how to make good choices on her own and develop personal accountability. This significant life skill can help teen girls make better decisions as adults and take ownership of their actions now.

 River View also helps young girls as they develop good personal character through biblically-based lessons about practicing integrity and self-control. As teen girls develop well, they receive more responsibilities and privileges that motivate them to keep on improving.

River View assigns work on-campus, like taking care of dogs and the fresh food garden. This teaches girls the benefits of responsibility and hard work.

Because River View staff members live on-campus, eat meals with students, and take part in student activities, they can build trusting relationships with teen girls living in River View’s structured and caring environment. Girls harmed by the trauma of adoption, victimization, or significant loss receive much-needed guidance for restoring and rebuilding relationships at home.

boarding schools in OklahomaBoarding Schools in Oklahoma may offer residential treatment or therapeutic care on a short-term basis. Alternatively, River View Christian Academy knows it takes time for a teen to break bad habits and practice new healthy ones. That’s why the average length of stay at River View is three semesters (18 months). Our program also involves parents in their girl’s education and rejuvenation process. Monthly parent conferences and useful training sessions prepare families for an affirmative future when teen girls return home. 

River View Christian Academy also offers teen girls structured fun via water sports, track, and field training, and amazing outdoor recreation near the beautiful foothills of central TX. These supervised adventures expand what struggling girls know about themselves. Through new experiences, girls can understand their strengths and skills, and learn to see themselves in a whole new way.

Before you commit to any of the boarding schools in Oklahoma, investigate the positive, structured campus life and fully accredited year-round academics program available to young teen girls at River View Christian Academy. Call today at (800) 494-2200 to find out if RVCA fits the needs of your teen girl. You can also e-mail our admissions officer at Connect@teenrescue.com

boarding schools in Oklahoma

River View Christian Academy’s Boarding Schools in Oklahoma help struggling teen girls learn how to get back on track, and walk the path for a healthy, responsible life back at home. For over 25 years we have helped teen girls find success. Please give us a call today.