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boarding schools for struggling girls

Structured Fun at River View Christian Academy: Water Sports, Track & Field, & Outdoor Recreation

River View Christian Academy’s master-plan designed campus combines the nurturing environment of boarding schools for struggling girls with a variety of options for healthy exercise, team sports activities, dogs/animal care, fresh food gardens, and motivating outdoor adventures.

River View also participates in fun activities, with plans to soon join middle and high track and field school competitions. Austin is the home of the famous Austin marathon, and many public and private schools in the area promote and support competitive track events nearby. Other healthy sport activities and staff-led coaching takes place on River View’s campus.

boarding schools for struggling girls

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And, with River View’s location in the Austin hill country, students will enjoy special outings to explore area parks, natural swimming holes, rivers and lakes. Teen girls can also access canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks on these staff-led field trips into the great outdoors. Hiking trail field trips provide students with opportunities to expand their view of what they can accomplish when they keep on track. Staffers also lead students on trips to visit historic sites around the Austin area, which adds to their educational experience.

boarding schools for struggling girls

Responsible Care Produces Rewards at Boarding Schools for Struggling Girls

With seasonal food gardens, students will plant, grow and eat healthy vegetables as part of their responsible learning. We plan to add a hydroponic system to grow plants year-round and continue to sell surplus vegetables to nearby communities.

And the River View Christian Academy campus also hosts a canine science program, where students care for new-born puppies, and the breeding dogs, coached by our Staff Director. Dog and pet lovers in the Austin community can purchase healthy puppies, with all funds going to support River View.