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River View Christian Academy Students Testify the Lessons of Life Boundaries

Parent Testimonies

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Kris, Part 1:
Positive Role Models
christian girls home
Kris, Part 2:
Student Progress
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Kris, Part 3:
Student Success
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Mike and Tracy, Part 1:
Deciding to Enroll
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Mike and Tracy, Part 2:
The Enrollment
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Mike and Tracy, Part 3:
How RVCA Has Helped

Student Testimonies

christian girls home
Student Testimonial:
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Student Testimonial:
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Student Testimonial:

Where We Found Help!

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Donya’s Testimony

“We can never thank all of you for giving us our daughter back!! Life is SO GOOD AND I’M PRAYING IT’s only going to get better & better!! I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate and am thankful for each one of you!! You all are our God given blessings!! You & God saved her from herself and such a self-destructive and angry mindset.

When she came to River View Christian Academy SHE HAD ZERO FAITH!! Literally stopped believing in God as you already know. Her renewed faith and salvation is all because of you, River View Christian Academy, & allowing yourselves to be used by our heavenly Father!! You are all vessels and conduits of His love, thank you!! There is no amount of money that can pay for that!! Her salvation and faith is worth more than anything to her dad and me.

We can never thank you enough for giving us back our beautiful amazing [daughter]!! We will forever have a place for River View Christian Academy AND YOUR STAFF AND STUDENTS IN OUR HEARTS. PARTS OF US WILL FEEL A LOSS WITHOUT OUR VISITS BUT GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOUR SACRIFICE & DEDICATION FOR OUR DAUGHTER & ALL THE STUDENTS UNDER YOUR CARE. WE CAN NEVER SAY ENOUGH AND WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!! We love you all so, so much!!”

Robert and Sarah’s Testimony

“[Our daughter] will be graduating with highest honors and has decided to go to Vanguard University in the fall. She is doing great, and we know we wouldn’t be celebrating her graduation if it weren’t for River View! Thanks again for all you do!”

-Robert and Sarah
Ken’s Testimony

“We are humbly and eternally grateful for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you for weathering the storms with us and keeping a positive attitude. Through your exhaustive efforts lives are being changed, improved and saved. Many of God’s bountiful blessing this season.”

William and Heather’s Testimony

“Thank you so much for putting ‘wheels’ on your vision [for RVCA]. What a blessing to so many desperate people, parents, and kids (and grandparents).”

-William and Heather
Cindy’s Testimony

“I wish I’d known about River View Christian Academy and Teen Rescue years ago when our family was in crisis. No one took the time to explain my options to me, let alone show me how to get the kind of help we needed for our child. We were trying to do it on our own. Teen Rescue provided valuable help and was a much needed resource for our family. Thank you so much!”